UPDATE (Mar 23,2009): Data from USGS Seamless server is provided in Lat-Lon coordinates. It needs to be projected to UTM coordinates and imported into GRASS database, before titan can use it. It can be accomplished using GDAL. Example:

        unzip NED_######.zip
        gdalwrap -ot Float32 -t_srs "+proj=utm +zone=&langzone&rang +datum=&langdatum&rang" /
                 NED_######/ned_###### temp_raster_name.tif
Then "temp_raster_name.tif" can be imported into GRASS database, using GDAL from within the GRASS, i.e.

        r.in.gdal input=temp_raster_name.tif location=&langnew location name&rang /
                        output=&langmap name&rang

UPDATE (Jan 26,2009): titan-2.0.0 will not compile with GCC 4.3. Please patch your Titan source code or download the updated version after completing the registration.

         cp update_jan262009.diff &langtitan dir&rang
         cd &langtitan dir&rang
         patch -p0 -i update_jan26009.diff
         make && make install

Download the latest version of Titan2D and our viewers. All you have to do is register to be able to access our download section.
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